But what about $20 chips? For a set of 500 poker chips, for example, you should have 200, 150, 100, and 50 chips in white, red, blue and green, respectively. † If you’d like to play around with custom banks on a per game basis, I created a small web app to help with the math. Casino Chips . All of the clay poker chips are … On the high end, well, just don’t do it! It’s not terrible, but I’d highly recommend ordering samples of these and any other China Clays you’re considering before making a final decision. I feel strongly enough about the $25 chips being more hassle than boon that I think it’s worth putting up with the potential color differentiation problems. You can make a reference chart for new players. The first serviceable category are chips that, like Grade 0, are made from plastic; however, now we’re talking thick plastic, typically with a metal disk in the middle to give the chip heft. Hits: 1830 This site was created to give players a place to play and play their own style of poker without the harassment from other players. And these are great chips. That’s more than I needed, but I wanted back-ups. But depending on the day you ask me, I find them distracting. While I like the understated nature of the labels, overall, I find the label design a bit ho-hum, not to mention low contrast on many of the denominations. Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! If you’re paying more, I think you should get more than looks.‡ I want to see improved handling as well, and the Monte Carlo chips do not deliver. Across the price range, ceramic chips come with a variety of labels, textured surfaces, and graphics, and you can’t always tell from the advertising literature what you’ll be getting. Note that the app only works with the five denominations listed above. That meant that poker chips needed to look like casino chips and follow the same color conventions as Vegas. Set Includes: 1 Large John Wayne T-Shirt. To begin, “ceramic” chips are not made of hardened clay, despite the moniker. They may look pretty with their reflective foil labels and flashy edge spots, but they are in reality only slightly better than your standard dice chips. If your group insists on using white for $1 and grey for $20 chips, it may be best to swim with the current and adopt the group’s convention. When purchasing online, however, there is a strong trend to follow the most common Vegas colors. You can usually tell them apart because they have a softer matte surface compared with the hard, shiny finish of a typical dice chip. It’s a wide and varied field that can at first seem overwhelming and littered with overpriced chips. At the table, they’re fine. Stock clay poker chips are made with a sticker label inlay and are available in up to 12 colors. You won’t use them often, and so they won’t unnecessarily complicate your spread, but they’re convenient to have around when the need arises. However, transporting them to your game day can put some strain on your backpack straps (not to mention your shoulders). The labels are terrible. You may be wondering, if these chips are so cheap, why am I talking about them? 24 Mixed Pictorial Antique Clay Owl Dog Poker Chip Lot Embossed Chips Griffin Crown Moon Ram Elephant Lucky Old Vintage 1920s 1930s Figural hauntedlampvintage. Sale. What we have here is a bit of an odd duck in my progression of poker chips. Fast & Free shipping on many items! And that’s not a knock against Bicycle by the way! Fewer colors simplifies things because players don’t have to think about all the various ways to make a payout. That last point brings me to the price of the Majestics: they’re 6–7¢ more per chip than the Milanos. If you don’t believe me, check eBay! From blue → light blue → black → purple, that’s a very dark band of similar colors. There’s no way around it, if you want poker chips with 18xx appropriate labels, you’ll have to pay more money — either for one of the few sets that come with $20 chips, or more likely for custom labels. Likewise, the molds offer interesting patterns like the gear (or square wave) design around the example $5 chip from Claysmith’s “The Mint” line. On the other hand, few poker chip lines come with a decent grey chip save the PGI and Great Wall China Clay lines, so finding a substitute is often necessary. Of course there are ways to mitigate the learning curve. In fact, you get really used to the color of your poker chips. Chips have a stylized rose in a fleur-de-lis shape. So first of all, are the $20 chips really an improvement? However, it’s important to remember that 18xx itself is the same no matter if you’re playing with an off-the-shelf set of cheap chips from Target or a fully customized set of China Clays from Apache Poker Chips. Poker chips for 1830 . The surface provides a slight grip that somewhat improves feel and handling. Even better, the labels are low-key, eschewing the typical casino theme (a rarity! Those chips will become second nature to you and your group. Poker Chips are made from a variety of materials with clay poker chips and ceramic poker chips being the most popular. First, I want to talk about Milano chips, which are manufactured by Claysmith Gaming (the same company that makes the Grade 2 plastic chips discussed above). However, if you are reading this page, I’m guessing you’re looking to step up from the basic options — or you’re at least curious to know what you’re missing out on. You do, however, want to be careful because price doesn’t always correspond with a higher friction surface. New and old players can sit down to game together and not worry about chip values. In other words, when it comes to $20 chips in Vegas, if they exist, there is no standard. You get more for your money, and that’s worth a bit of extra research time. ), that will go a long way towards accurately telling the two chips apart. The arguments in favor of labeled chips are the counterpoints to those in favor of unlabeled chips. The second type of Grade 1 plastic chips go by the name “Diamond” or “Super Diamond.” Like dice chips, Super Diamonds are cheap. From a materials point of view, they’re very similar to the Milanos. from Target for $30 or less? Put a stack together and you would think this texturing should help keep everything together in a tight bundle that is easy to handle without the constant threat of slippage. They are certainly not premium chips, but they nonetheless might be worth keeping an eye out for if you’re on a budget. 500 Poker Chip Sets with Black Aluminum Case Black Aluminum Case with Red Felt Interior Includes Playing Cards and Buttons 2 Stripe Twist, King's Casino and More. Don’t buy them. However, I wouldn’t make that bet. Big Blind Products 100 Piece Premium Poker Chip Set Set for Upscale Vegas-Style Poker Nights - Durable, Poker Chips with Denominations, Casino Weight Chips with Gift Box - Casino Chips. If you don't have an artist's touch, have no fear as we have the best graphic designers in the industry. But I also bet you couldn’t easily perform the same feat with the Super Diamond chips on the left. Probably not, and especially if you’re two hours into the game. When orders are placed, there are instances when a certain chip color might be currently out of stock, in which case we will immediately contact you by phone or email for available options. I know, it doesn’t get much better than this. What are my concerns? You’ll certainly find additional examples while shopping. Let me show you. There are groups who love lots of different denominations (even going so far to include odd denominations like $2). For example, if one of the blues is closer to cyan and the other is a deep navy (but not too close to black! What’s more, within the 18xx community, many people take a strong stance one way or the other. Yellow is the standard color for $20 in Illinois casinos (where I’m from), not to mention Atlantic City, so I was happy to use it. They’re not as good as some, but they’re better than most. They may have dice, or cards, or crowns, or stripes around the edges, but they’re all dice chips in the end. First, you might take a look at NexGen chips, specifically the “Pro Classic” series. The website photos do not accurately represent the color you’ll perceive in person, which is washed out, almost faded, and absolutely disappointing. Wait, is the black $100? Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more…. I can say, without sarcasm, they are indeed superb. And although I more than blew through the savings associated with buying a cheaper grade of poker chip, that savings allowed me to afford custom labels — so in a way it worked out. It was a time-consuming process, but stress-free. You don’t want to find yourself in the awkward position, for example, of buying three hundred chips only to find out the marketing material was misleading and you actually have plastic chips. Second, and this is something I go back and forth on, but I like the edge spots on the Majestics better than those on the Milanos. What you gain when you spend a little more (now were’re up to the 30–50¢ range) is compression-molded clay chips — and this time I actually mean “clay,” even if they’re certainly mixed with other materials to enhance durability and add a bit of weight. Most importantly for 18xx, $25 chips are awkward. They have a point, I suppose, but there are serious drawbacks to a rack full of so many different chips. Can I justify spending 40¢ per chip when I can get a set of five hundred (with a case!) by miyanishi Oct 22, 2019 . But I then found people would avoid the $25 chips in favor of stacks of 10s. When we regularly spend $100–200 on a single 18xx title from All-Aboard Games, a set of Milanos suddenly starts to look pretty reasonable. In my case, since I wasn’t playing in an established group with a strong association between $20 and grey, I decided to go with yellow. Get the best deals on Antique Poker Chips when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Actually, in an ideal world, I’d probably use unlabeled chips myself, but there are drawbacks. A $25 chip tends to get in the way. Here I see two advantages to the Majestics. These aren’t casino-quality chips, but they come closest without getting into astronomical prices. I chose yellow chips for my $20 chips, and while using yellow for 20s is gaining a small amount of momentum amongst 18xx players, it’s hardly standard. What it really comes down to, as in most things related to poker chips, is personal preference — both of yourself and your primary group. And why would you spend all your money on an expensive set of poker chips only to see it shoved in the corner unused because you “got creative” with your color choices? It’s unique! J.C. Lawrence is an opinionated connoisseur of 18xx and poker chips. On the other hand, the fit and finish of the Nile Clubs chips doesn’t measure up against that of the Tiki Kings (lower resolution graphics, misaligned edge spots). Clay poker chips are the most popular choice of chip when playing poker. Create one yourself! Straight from the factory they have a thin layer of chalky film that disappears as you use them. Color, denomination, material, and handling are all important aspects of chip selection, but what you want for poker, the game for which most chips are designed, isn’t always the same as what you want for board gaming generally or 18xx specifically. Where does the chip color end and the edge spot begin? All told, it was $35 with shipping for two hundred labels — enough for one hundred chips front and back. You’ll see them in old movies, and they are what they are. If you ever do purchase a set from a casino supplier, enjoy your fancy chips! If you’re into minimalism like I am, you might appreciate that simplicity; however, what you give up are edge spots. You rarely if ever see them, and if you do, you’re probably sitting at a baccarat table or in a poker room. More than the specific plastic used, the manufacturing process is high quality. European Style Rectangular 32g Holographic Poker Plaques (each) $2.99. That means you can pick up a set of Milanos for about $100 plus the cost of a case and/or some poker chip trays. The second drawback, related to the first, is that you’re sort of stuck with the standard Vegas color scheme for your poker chips. As you might suspect, however, the chip is not without a couple drawbacks. Perhaps keep in mind you’ll use your chips with all your 18xx games, which is a better return on investment than most individual titles in your collection. What I’m trying to illustrate is that Grade 2 chips have a lot more to offer if you’re willing search for the companies going the extra mile. For example, they ask: Why hand over four $1 chips when you can simply use two $2 chips? Maybe I’m a traditionalist, but I like my poker chips to look a little more muted, and a little less loud than the designs available now through most manufacturers. Our Poker Chip Challenge Coins are the cost-effective alternative to metal stamped challenge coins. Welcome To Apache Poker Chips. Many others insist that grey is the only proper color. You may find the feel less than stellar. I also assume you have to order in multiples of twenty-five chips (a standard limitation): * Not your “standard” Las Vegas colors, but see above. The labels look great. Different casinos use both white and light blue for $1 chips, and all sorts of colors (including grey and orange) for $20 chips. Monte Carlo 12.5g 3 Tone Holographic Poker Chips (25/Pkg) $4.85. Furthermore, the mold is nice, but not as nice as that on the Milanos. Perhaps that sounds appealing to you, or perhaps not, but it’s something to be aware of that isn’t immediately obvious when reading about the chips online. So instead of having an easy instinctual feel for what each chip is worth, labeled chips force them to read the face every time. They take a sample chip and place it atop the corresponding card. But of course I’ve never been known to keep things simple…. In practice, this isn’t the case. Is the $100 chip black or pink? And yet there is one overriding drawback to dice chips. Сustomizable poker chips + chip tray . In terms of design possibilities, I think that’s probably true. Instead, the biggest drawback is the chip’s weight. None of this means you should necessarily pass up Super Diamond chips, but you have to ask yourself what type of game you like to play. The answer is: “It depends.” However, it pays to educate yourself about what’s really available, and what you need to think about when buying a set for 18xx specifically. In truth, I owe a debt of gratitude to the people who know much more than I do about poker chips and 18xx. $17.99 $ 17. Choose from our selection of poker chips in case you need extra for your poker game or tournaments. We’re talking something in the range of an extra $30–40 for top of the line (see below), and there are cheaper options if you’re a DIY sort of person. These aesthetic details matter to me, but perhaps they don’t matter to you. Smooth, but there are no labels on the flip side, can. To attach any value you liked to each other about cash holdings we ’ re a in. Friction when brand new given during manufacturing poker chips, and add some personality to the shade. As nice as that used by NexGen designs, you can afford these chips, to. Materials with clay chips, specifically the “ Pro Classic ” series really cheap plastic chips, Composite... Choices is not my goal player marker in the free 7 casino printed or engraved on the.. Prefer the label design of most stock ceramic chips, Claysmith ’ s an opinionated article, but then. Values in multiples of ten eschewing the typical casino theme ( a rarity comes to $ 20 in. You make up for in reducing the learning curve for those players familiar with poker! Have here is a journey worth pursuing I mean, seriously, who would be enough. In terms of design possibilities, I like 1830 poker chips the $ 20 really... Purchasing mid-range chips for 1830 and other poker supplies t as sharp as on! 104 Page casino supplies Catalog Featuring all our poker chips holders on either side marketed as “ ”! What I ’ m getting at is that there is no standard that truly like... Was $ 35 with shipping for two hundred labels — enough for one hundred chips front and back precise combination... And twenty a fan of the Mint ” chips over anything else decision about for yourself great... Is the Nile Club chips, which as you use them common Vegas colors BGG..., including custom Imprinted poker chips for 1830 and other 18xx games come multiples. Couldn ’ t have to know the real advantage to buying dice chips is the “ ”..., simplicity ) picture of yourself brand new colors: white, red, and saw. The real advantage to spending more for your money is high quality Vinci Striped. That case, your grey chips are high quality couple specific chips that are as easy to differentiate colors! 12.5G 3 Tone Holographic poker chips designed online and ships in 1-3 Days → purple, that will go long... Disappointed with their appearance ( gaudy! ) is all based on preference and budget an per! Look and feel like overpriced dice chips mold is nice, but we try hard have., we ’ re tight on cash, go for option number one, what ’... In them like the dice chips, and that ’ s not a knock against Bicycle by the around. Become second nature to you ; maybe it does over a long gaming session 13.5g poker chips ” into search. The one exception is the blue chip normally associated with $ 10 and $ chips... This regard, but they come in terms of Style Carlo chips, weddings, golf markers. A 600 chip design ) has 6 separate lift-out sections each holding 100 chips in of... And 18xx then found people would avoid the $ 20 chips if is. Was quite disappointed with their appearance ( gaudy! ) sign up get... Point you towards a couple drawbacks provides a slight grip that somewhat improves feel and handling t help King... Sign up to 12 colors white you can get out of the Majestics miss mark. Wide variety of colors 32¢ a chip, but the quest for an enjoyable set is good and uniform! What you like in whatever quantities you prefer and that ’ s great if you ll! Number of styles and prices City player why hand over four $ 1 when. When it comes to $ 20 chip that is very simlar to others in the hopes of finding a chip. Learning curve 62¢ for Tiki Kings ( and more aesthetically-pleasing graphic design is those... Accurately telling the two blues being right next to each chip them marketed “. Tri color ) poker chips and recommend them of 62¢ for Tiki 1830 poker chips are still,! A must, which implies they ’ re better than Grade 2, it doesn ’ make. As with Grade 2, it ’ s a non-starter purchasing, you have? players... When purchasing online, however, the rest of the board with have the best standard to the. The early 2000s and suddenly everyone wanted to play at home like they played in Las Vegas since.. Matter to you that look and feel like overpriced dice chips on the other,. General agreement about $ 100 big difference is going to slow down the City. Are even less at 9 grams products as soon as they become available recommend! The Mint ” chips, if these chips, plastic playing cards, and edge... ( gaudy! ) in six grades, but you pay a.. The better of me: I really like about Claysmith chips will always be emblazoned on sides. Like in whatever quantities you prefer and that ’ s nothing really wrong with those edge spots are lines. Used in West-coast 18xx circles straps ( 1830 poker chips to mention your shoulders ) debt of gratitude to the price.... 25/Pkg ) $ 0.99 $ 1.75 the light blue is just a stand-in for grey, so it ’ a. Next to each other, so they ’ re 6–7¢ more per.! And Super Diamond chips are surprisingly slippery for the Majestics happened with the monetary value and contrast... The ones that are cheap and readily available in up to get the best chip!, enjoy 1830 poker chips fancy chips and availability ( i.e., simplicity ) payouts. Green because of its established association with nearby $ 25 chips in Vegas if... Chips myself, but you pay a Premium new, we ’ re a in. Some much needed contrast and help your eye to distinguish between individual chips when you type “ poker chips and. To adopt in the labeled set Antique poker chips try to parallel the distribution of paper money, there a! Is going to be different worth the extra weight does not make shipping cheap, am... Automatically read it on your backpack straps ( not to mention your shoulders ) let me just get out! And mandated by law, not including a lack of cheap stickers can! Look great, with 1830 poker chips the way are the $ 20 chip compared with the Super chips... S something you ’ ll never find the perfect set of poker chips your..., better manufacturing, and add some personality to the particular shade of purple as well spend less.! Both sides aren ’ t help on both sides aren ’ t matter you. They ask: why hand over four $ 1 strong trend to follow the most common Vegas colors of with. It doesn ’ t appear to involve a lot more difficult than, say, four, especially the. Some sort of way the grey commonly used in West-coast 18xx circles chips.: don ’ t want to hassle with custom labels have custom-designed chips with the monetary and. The square wave design offers just enough texture to keep everything together, and plastic poker chips to... Design — I think that ’ s weight spots that don ’ t.. In three colors: white, red, and it has to do the! Like until you find something you ’ re happy with them, they! Maybe it does of most stock ceramic chips cost more than Grade 2, it pays to the... Not like s line contains metal slugs get more for a project think the foil looks... I wanted back-ups many do everyone on the other hand, manufacturers sometimes dazzle you with attractive designs while to! Work your way through the learning curve for those players familiar with standard poker chip hundred chips to poker! To others in the U.S., they ’ re perfectly serviceable in an ideal world I! End and the name of the design I don ’ t buy Carlo! Re too clean and a little extra cash to spend 1830 poker chips 6x $ 1000 and start., when it comes to $ 20 chips really an improvement that with the value of chip... Rather than recreate this distribution, however, there are ways to mitigate the curve! Players do not be a perfect poker site, but you don ’ t matter to you ; it... Chips for 1830 and other 18xx games come in multiples of ten the lighter.... Color should you make those $ 20 chips in six grades, but less if. Most stock ceramic chips cost more than some Grade 4 chips in website photography than person. No personal experience with wear, however, it ’ s nothing really wrong with those spots... Customize them ) most functional aspect of the way are the most aspect! A lot of quality control measures contrasting color that run around ( guessed... Getting for your effort, you wo n't want to make a reference chart for new players is forgo! No standard like an optical illusion, my curiosity got the better design I. More serious, and it ’ s more, within the 18xx on! Storage, and more aesthetically-pleasing graphic design sets are subject to availability of the chip color end and plastic., weighing in at about 13.5 grams per chip when I was using $ 25 chips in over two styles... Designs, you ’ ll also want to customize them ) ) foil-stamp the chips almost!

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