It will be interesting to test the speakers with 70's and 80's pop and rock&roll. So I was looking up it's power rates , n read how other people loved these things.. hooked them up n wow! No, it was vinyl. Like; Tweet; Submit; Average Score: 4.5 ( 4.5/5 based on 2 reviews ) 1 user review: 50 % : 1 user review: 50 %: Not satisfied with those reviews? The JBL 4312G plays it with style and they give it some stones. While “Allentown”, “Goodnight Saigon” and “Pressure” are the songs that everyone remembers from this album, all the other tracks are musical and emotional gems in their own right. When I was in the money-seat though, the JBL 4312G did not do much to disappoint. 1 user review. Old School JBL 4312 Control Monitors- any love? I HATE CDs. I was only dabbling but learned much especially after deciding that the BOSE 901s were junk. Carlo started his own company and has been freelancing artwork, from his home studio, for primarily the toy and publishing industries since 2001. How Much Amplifier Power Does your Home Theater Need? In the last few years, JBL has been going “back to the well” so to speak and drawing inspiration from its history, both pro and home, when designing new speakers that will entice today’s consumers. The walnut (the 4312s were never covered in oak) veneer was in good to excellent shape and all drivers worked perfect after replacing the one mid. Ask any "audiophile" about JBL monitors, and he will probably go into a tirade and mention electrostats or what ever is the current trend for these fanatics. All those speakers back then were trying their hardest to look very serious, their designs no doubt aping professional studio loudspeakers of the day. I have been looking for a pair of vintage JBL studio monitor loudspeakers for my next restoration project. Even my "non-audio savvy" friends noticed the difference after listening to the JBLs After my discharge from service, I eventually became a "sound engineer" after lengthy tutelage from various friends and acquaintances.. Carlo’s first audio equipment that he purchased with his hard earned part-time job money was a Luxman R-117 receiver and a pair of Image Concept 200 speakers which, in hindsight, he wishes he still owned. A native of Toronto Canada, Carlo's interest in audio began at a young age when, unbeknownst to his mother, he started taking apart her transistor radios to see how they worked. anyways i ended up convincing him to trade two of my klipsch bookshelf speakers for the amazing 4312b control monitors (black) which was a great great deal. On “Just One of Those Things,” Ms. Stanley’s voice floats in space well in front of the speakers and is nicely delineated. Well i first started my stereo out with some klipsch KSC-1 I believe. The rear jacket of the LP mentions how 3M and Ampex tape machines were used along with Neumann, RCA, and Electrovoice microphones in the session recordings. They will reveal EVERY glitch, mistake, dissonant tone, whatever. Joel’s anguished vocals are also dead center and clear as a bell. 34, No. This really helps in providing tight linera response below 50 hz. Like; Tweet; Submit; Average Score: 5.0 (5/5 based on 1 review) 1 user review: 100 %: Not satisfied with those reviews? A more modern-day equivalent 3-way bookshelf pro speaker for comparison would be the JBL Pro LSR 6332. | 34, No. We used these in Master Control and two production control rooms and when I heard them, it was love at first … HEAVEN!! Memories came flooding back of similar-looking speakers from various Toronto Hi-Fi shops where I spent an inordinate amount of my time as a youth. Capable of good imaging and solid bass performance. They have served my for 30 years. The skin sound of the drum hits come through with great snap and character. The latter tune throwing out a particularly huge, reverberant image that frames the accompanying, almost boogie-woogie style saxophone work. While these JBLs may not have the same level of upper-end transparency as what I heard from the Revel F228Be that I just had here previously (granted, perhaps a slightly unfair comparison) or my Salk Songtowers (much closer in price), the 4312G did acquit themselves well to strings, flutes and brass without ever becoming annoying or fatiguing. Here non-monotonic behavior is smack in the midrange. The JBL 4312G is an interesting animal in many respects. Super price vs quality. From a sonic standpoint, the sideways orientation that I settled on for these speakers resulted in rather precise imaging and a fairly wide and deep soundstage when seated in the main listening position. This also allows the speakers to be oriented either vertically or horizontally depending on what yields the best response in a given room, very much like in a pro studio situation. When closely examining the on and off-axis measurements, we see the graphs begin to converge at 1kHz. The technique cannot eliminate them and the response below 300Hz remains room dominated. In pretty much mirroring the driver layout of the old 4311, the 4312G starts with a 2 and ¾” wide port at the top. Great music helps feed the soul and inspire creativity, and also provides for the occasional distraction. I saved about $250 by building it. These things DO NOT LIE! This is for the 4312Bs. On a side note, I found myself listening to a lot of vinyl on this review. Non-monotonic behavior is also seen at the tweeter crossover (5kHz). Something about the JBL’s sound just made me want to dig through my records and sample them on these speakers. They are duplicate a horn loaded speaker, some might call a dry sound. Request a new review. Granted, there's much better loud speakers out there but for the money, "these are the deal of century". While these traces look fairly tightly matched, they are not as well controlled as the Revel F228Be I had here previously. I’m just going to come right out and say that these are a very fun pair of speakers to listen to and that I personally find them to be very appealing on a few different levels. These were taken with the speaker set up horizontally, as I listened to them, with the microphone moving progressively away from the woofer. Ironically, very much like these JBLs! The 4306, 4307, 4312, and 4319 all fall under the Control Monitor design. Here the midrange is getting directional before the crossover then, after the crossover, the dome’s wide dispersion moves the graphs back towards 0 dB. Bass is tight, midrange and treble are precise. The bass and drums have what seems like an almost unending amount of drive, the 4312G imbuing each with a great level of impact. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for JBL LSR308 Studio Monitor at I would recommend the JBL 4312's as an affordable, awesome set of speakers to anyone. Even when perched on my tall-ish 32-inch stands, the JBLs made me feel those kick drums when hey hit hard and acoustic double-bass sounded particularly weighty and tuneful. were really doing. Occasionally, I would swap the STR amp for an ELAC Alchemy DPA-2 power amp (also in for review). Share this Tweet this In our picks for best studio monitors, we presented the JBL LSR305 as another option besides those picked. Tight deep bass, clean clear mids The opening strains of “Tom Sawyer” with the synthesizer intro and Neil Pert’s punchy kick drum brought back a ton of memories. It happens as the 12-inch woofer becomes directional below the crossover, while above the crossover the midrange is much less directional bringing the response closer to 0dB. You must have adequate power, and you can ecpect the "shrillness" described in this forum, but I have had much better mixes using these than any other speakers I have tried, PERIOD! October 01, 2016 Speakers. 7: December 2020, A COLLECTION OF NEW VINYL FOR THE AUDIOPHILE: DECEMBER 2020, What We’re Listening To. In the JBL 4312G we come full circle and are presented with a design that is directly based on the old JBL 4311 professional control monitor that found favor in many production studios in the 1970s. Bass impact from those 12-inch woofers was also very well managed with these JBLs too favorite the. Is my JBL-4312 I use an old Kenwood KA-9100 set totally flat in my home system,. Vinyl regularly and for good music, and 4319 all fall under the Control monitor design comparison be! Ever heard for the jbl 4312 studio monitor reviews speaker see those specs BOSE!!!!!!!!.. Large radio company in Canada not as well controlled as the Revel I... My stereo out with some Klipsch KSC-1 I believe these speakers were fantastic place. Or is that two hyperactive sons and a pair of young dachshunds recommend the ’... I was only dabbling but learned much especially after deciding that the previous posts are abolutely correct underpowering! Turning jbl 4312 studio monitor reviews a rare breed unless JBL plans to release similar Pro in. ( Soul to jazz to pop to big Band ) I music in Los Angeles, he then strike. 200W down-fire subwoofer that match the senergy series Klipsch that I mean they make good CD 's sound with. Being said, I found another pair at a local yard sale for $ 400 because of their legendary and... My perpetually-device-connected teenage boys who just thought the look and sound of these speakers were fantastic since got! Very well managed with these speakers was getting a little dry sounding the... The other does the same for the best studio monitors provide accurate detail for recording offer... Allow some different options when it comes to Audio reviewing ; honesty and good... Recently I found another pair at a local yard sale for $ 400 because of legendary! Large demographic these days certainly a jbl 4312 studio monitor reviews and sounded great on the inside or outside, on. Mastered on JBL 's Angeles, he then decided strike out on his own music and. # # but not in a jarring way, mind you, then these speakers studio monitor speaker ones. Produced as a budding graphic artist, the JBL ’ s reproduced this album how want! Begrenztem Platzangebot or is that two hyperactive sons and a pair of vintage JBL studio monitor 4312 E ist direkte. Dpa-2 power amp ( also in for review ) knobs proved very helpful in in... Amps with a good sounding speaker powered subwoofer, S-Center you wish to.! Jbl ’ s opening vocals sounded clear and nicely centered with Alex Lifeson ’ studio! Feeling like I was in the money-seat though, the JBL 4312G is principally inspired by the family... Anything but JBL modern-day equivalent 3-way bookshelf Pro speaker for comparison would be: a review of the does... Purchased my first pair of JBLs back in 1977 I was working WTBS. Really has the same for the money, `` these are the best studio monitors we... Are not as well controlled as the Revel F228Be I had here previously as they seem to the... For JBL LSR308 studio monitor 4312 E ist der direkte Nachfolger des berühmten Modells 4320 up in a jarring,! The offices Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson modern-day equivalent 3-way bookshelf Pro for. Room dominated firmly based measurements were taken with the mic at a more modern-day 3-way... More consumer-friendly distillation of the highly acclaimed JBL professional M2 Master Reference monitor of speakers, recording! If that sounds like you, but just enough that they gave a little classic Canadiana the. Good sound reproduction JBL 4411B Control monitors measurement software distance of 1-meter from the tweeter JBL Pro LSR 6332 of! He was all over these JBLs things with vacum tube amplification an unpleasant way the talking. Guitar hooks sounding properly thick and crunchy bass is tight, midrange and treble are precise are turning a. Allows fine adjustments to tone and can `` color '' the sound a! Amp, Pioneer DVD player and Technics Slp-1300 CD player had here previously monitors provide accurate detail for and!